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We are a boutique vastu consulting firm specializing in scientific space and directional balancing by applying proven Maha-Vastu techniques. Vastu balancing helps improve not only the physical wellbeing but also mental and spiritual. Our clients benefit from discovering various possibilities to lead a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

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Vastu Techniques

Maha-Vastu is a research based knowledge with focus on problem solving. Maha-Vastu starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem, followed by corrective remedies with no demolitions. From diagnosis to the desired result, it lays down a systematic procedure. At each step, it offers scientific tools and techniques which facilitate moving ahead to next step with utmost reliability and precision.


The Vastu process starts with a "no obligation, fee free" brief consultation to understand the problems or other desired results. The next steps involve a visit to home, shop, office, factory or business premises with which the problem relates to. A basic floor plan is one of the key requisites to start a productive consultation. The usage of Vastu is vast and varied that it can be used from a studio apartment to a big mansion or from a shop to an entire shopping centre.


Vastu balancing ensures Money, Happiness, Gain and Success in life while maintaining modern lifestyle and contemporary architecture. Our clients experience benefits in various aspects of life including improved health, clarity of mind, reduced anxiety, joy and happiness, strengthen love and relationships, power and confidence, job opportunities, customer growth, improved business productivity, stop wastage of money and energy, new opportunities and many more joyful experiences in life .

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